Tasting Menu

Tasting Menus 550kr pp.


Tasting menu 1 (Pescatarian)


- Crab fritters with coconut béchamel & yellow curry mayo (L)/.

- Korean seafood soup with tofu (L)

- Beetroot with lemongrass dressing, yogurt, walnuts & fried onions (T G)

- Bao: Prawn tempura with wasabi mayonnaise & pea shoots.

- Japanese style pancake with seafood (okonomiyaki) (L)

- Chinese salted egg yolk custard buns


Tasting menu 2


- Duck heart yakitori (L)

- Ginger butternut squash soup (T)

- Spicy edamame with lemon (T G V)

- Bao: Braised pork with goma dressing & peanut.

- Rare-grilled beef, soya butter, Japanese togarashi & fried garlic (G)

- Salted coconut ice cream with caramel, peanuts, marshmallow(G)

Tasting menu 3 (vegetarian)


- Crispy oyster mushroom tempura with chili mayo (L T).

- Ginger butternut squash soup (T)

- Beetroot with lemongrass dressing, yogurt, walnuts & fried onions (T G).

- Zucchini tempura with laogama honey mayonnaise (T)

- Udon with kimchi & crispy tofu (T).

- Black sticky rice with mango and coconut ice cream (V T L G)


V = vegan ; T= vegetarian ; L = lactose free ; G= gluten free



INCLUDING: 1 bottle of still/sparkling water per person & 2 beverages:


White wine: 2016 Viognier, Chateau

Red wine: 2016 la Chausse Rouge, Loire, la Grange aux Belles



Kiin Kiin Mikkeller lemon & lime lager

Bao Bao Mikkeller lemongrass & coriander lager


Draft: Carlsberg lager/Jacobsen brown ale


Non-alcoholic drinks:

Freshly pressed apple & ginger juice

Ginger lemonade

Dry iced tea

Chai iced tea with milk

Coca-Cola/Coca-Cola Zero

French soda: grapefruit/lemon/mandarin




Filuv orange juice, pineapple juice, lime

Pink Lady lychee, pineapple juice, and lime